Woodbrook House B&B – setting it all up

Establishing Accommodation in Tralee

Recently, I decided to set my new business. Not an easy task by any means. This required a total redecoration of many of the rooms of my house which you have probably figured out is a rental B&B in my local town of Tralee in County Kerry Ireland. Not only was it tough financially but time consuming and stressful. We also had to create a web presence for the business with website. Creating this web presence was an afterthought to begin with, we had many ideas and wanted to it correctly. There are many B&B’s in Tralee but little have the tranquility and serene views of the country that Woodbrook House B&B provide. With all these advantages that I would hope that a guest would look for, we also are on the outskirts of the town so we are only a walk away from the town center with all the benefits of a countryside setting.

Bed and Breakfast the right way

We would need to hire a home decorator to plan how the double king and twin rooms would be designed. We would also need a photographer to capture the images of the guest rooms at full resolution and also images of the garden. I feel these are just some of the many rules applied to developing Woodbrook House B&B accommodation Tralee, any accommodation for that matter. Speaking of the garden, we would need a landscaper, the garden was already in good shape but it needed some minor work to be fit for digital capturing, after all these images would be displayed on the sites main landing page. First impressions last! We wanted to be different then all the other low cost accommodations in our locality. Hence, the saving the pennies and the planning that took place in the months previous. This involved leaving off organizing holidays, treating ourselves to nights out on the town. It all seems to becoming worth it though. We have our lovely garden landscaped with a wide array of flowers and shrubs. We have our cards printed to give our customers the required details for accessing our site The rooms are all painted and finished with a lilac color on the walls. We have our website and it is looking fabulous. This involved a lot of sacrifice, blood sweat and tears as they say. At present things are starting to look up though and the “ball” is finally rolling. I suppose the only thing to do now is wait for the calls to come through and do what do best. Make sure our customers are comfortable as possible. I’ll keep ye posted as time goes by, in the mean time check out our great looking website… 🙂



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